Perfectly Imperfect: Timothy Joseph Abad

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There is beauty in imperfection. And no one knows that more than this week’s featured writer, Timothy Joseph Abad.

Timothy has been a friend of mine for nine years, give or take. The main thing that made me gravitate towards him and want to be his friend is his writing.

His writing is profound, always with a grain of truth.

The one thing I could never forget, the thing that always brings an amused smile on my face is that time I witnessed him write drunk. It was a very unique experience for me because personally, I can never do that. And believe me I’ve gone through such lengths to find out if I could.

Right now, he’s training to specialize on mental illnesses.

I won’t take up too much space talking about him. I’ll let his work speak for himself. Guys, I give you TJ.

Better Living Through Chemistry

For two people to be attracted to each other
It all begins with the initial interaction and
Then, letting chemistry run its own course
I had very low scores on this subject though

Sometimes, the reaction is just one way
And it then fizzles out in the end
With one side spent and over
While the other side had no reaction at all

But sometimes, you can get lucky
And create a mutual reaction that can
“change the world and everyone in it”
This is a false over generalization

No such reaction can be over that big
And perhaps it doesn’t need to be
As long as the reaction is strong enough
To change the two people involved

The reaction can create enough energy
To light up each other’s worlds
And sometimes it molds the two
To become one complete strong whole

As a whole, it is natural that the world counters
Two becoming a whole is an aberration
And enough energy is spent to split it apart
Happiness at this level is never permitted

Yet when a reaction is strong enough, it endures
A bond stronger than any you could find in the books
Like the modern day philosopher’s stone
And when you find it, hold on to it and cherish it

This is basic chemistry, my friend
Learn it, Learn from it, Never forget it
Now that you know all of the basics
Are you interested in testing ours?
– Timothy Joseph Abad

Why You Shouldn’t Worship Her

You write metaphors about her
You make her a dream
You treat her like she’s a goddess

All in all,
you make her seem unreachable
Something you can aspire to
But never really get

She is not all of those things
She has her insecurities
She is not perfect

And if you continue to think of her so
You might miss your chance
And just be left looking from afar

She’s not a saint
She’s not a goddess
She’s not the answer

Don’t treat her like she’s divine
Ask her out
Go have dinner with her

Maybe it’s just dinner
Maybe you’re just a man
Maybe she’s just a woman waiting to be asked out

And maybe, just maybe….

It’s perfectly fine to be human together
– Timothy Joseph Abad

The World In Rhyme

I have never ever really believed in rhyming
Mostly because it’s just very bad timing
And yet, when I met you, it became like perfect symmetry
All setting up in a very wonderful imagery

The first time we met, it wasn’t anything special
And my feelings then weren’t very vocal
But I watched you and lo and behold
You became someone I really wanted to hold

Rhyming is for children I have always thought
But in the end, the kid in me was the one you caught
We’re now in our own very special playground
And baby, I’m starting to love having you around

I need to rest because this is so tiring my dea
And yet, I feel like I’ll stay like this I fear
But I think like it’s really kind of worth my time
As long as in the end, its you and me that will rhyme =)
– Timothy Joseph Abad

For those of you who are interested in looking further, reading more of his work, you can find him here. He also writes short stories and sometimes, blogs to declutter his head.

The Flowering Woman: Waking Women Up from Their Deep Sleep


One of the things I look for when it comes to poets I will admire is the weight of their words. While some poets take you on a lazy Sunday, countryside walk, some grab you by the sleeves and punch you in the gut. At the very least, they  make you clutch your chest and catch your breath. At most, they have the power to wake up something inside you, to acknowledge the truth that you’ve hidden somewhere in your mind, to tell you something you know already.

Such is the case with some poets I love: Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Warsan Shire, Sarah Kay. And just last week, I discovered another jewel, Q. Gibson.

Q. Gibson’s The Flowering Woman took me by surprise. Truth be told, at this point, I’m not really expecting to have another powerful poet added to my list. But Q. Gibson’s power lies in the gentle way she reminds women of their worth. While Warsan’s words are heavy, Gibson’s words feel like a mother’s hug. When I read her work, I see in my mind, a mother hugging her daughter to her chest, sharing heartbreaks and stories.

I look forward to reading more of her work. She is definitely someone to add to your watch list.


Your space is a privilege. It is the intangible home you built with sweat, tears and blood. Your space is sacred. It is not a place for people to come and go as they please. Everyone doesn’t need access. Greet them at the front door, and then, proceed with caution.

Two Imperfect

Get this,
there is no perfect man.
There are only men we choose to love
and the men we choose not to.
There are men we choose to tolerate
and those we don’t.
There are men we accept as they already are
and can stand alongside to watch
come into themselves,
just as they watch us come into ourselves.

Writer Spotlight: Aiza Pascua

Ruby Aiza P.

While sitting at the shore
I couldn’t help but see
how the waves seem to have
a mind of their own
yet succumb to where
the wind beckons them to go.
And the moon also has
it’s own pull on the ebb and flow.
I can somehow see you and me
in the waves of this sea.
I am the water.
You are my moon.
I cannot withstand your presence.
And my every move is an answer
to your call.
– Ruby Aiza P.

Ruby Aiza P. is a writer friend of mine I have met a few ways down the road to becoming a serious writer. Back then, we worked as freelance technical writers. In that field, she was one of the elites, capable of tackling just about any subject.

But poetry is different. It is heavily rooted in emotions which is why, at first, I had a few reservations about this lady. You see, this charming lady has yet to fall in love deeply. I saw this as her handicap. How do you express emotions you haven’t felt yet?

But this lady surprised me. Despite her lack of experience, her intuition and talent made her poems shine. So much so she’s capable of fooling you into thinking she has taken the dive and experienced heartbreaks.

What I like most about her writing is that it’s dynamic and ever changing. Just like me, she never sticks to a single style but works hard to constantly improve, bringing her poetry to new heights every single read.

For those of you who think this is the best she can offer, I warn you. This girl is fearsome. If she can write this way about love without having her heart broken, imagine what she would do once she falls in love.

Without further ado, I bring you some of my favorite poems written by her.

Your kisses remind me
of warm, salty beaches
and golden sand
that I love sinking
my feet into.
They remind me
of the waves you brave
as I lounge under the shade
pen and paper in hand
but surreptitiously stealing
glances at you
while you master the crests
of the waters.
They make me remember
how you would go
deep down under
then break the surface
only to try and surf again.
Much like how you like
to delve like a madman
when our lips and tongues meet
and gasp for air
when it seems too much.
And lastly,
I love your salty kisses
because they erase every
bitter memory and taste
of the millions of tears
I shed over former lovers
before you came.
– Ruby Aiza P.

As a child,
I always thought
of myself
as a princess,
a lovely mermaid
who needed
As I grew older,
I realized
I wanted to be
the damsel
who didn’t want
to depend
on another soul
to be saved.
I wanted
to be the woman
who wields
her own sword
to face
her own demons
and to feel
all the hurt
and bleed in the process
than just
sit and wait.
– Ruby Aiza P.

Time is one luxury that I lack.
Lost time, as they say,
can never be brought back
The only hope I hold on to
is that
I have enough to create new
Enough to make up for what
was lost
Enough to fill in for what
I missed.
– Ruby Aiza P.

For more of her work, visit her ig page @aizawthesign