Photo by Rose Renolla

Hello, I’m Nessie Q.

I write poetry… I think.

This little space on the Internet has been carved out for the sole purpose of making it seem like I know exactly what I’m doing. Also, it’s where I get to store an archive of all the pieces I wrote, which I know might haunt me or bite me in the ass someday. Sometimes, I talk about my life or write down my thoughts – making them available to who might make a bad decision of being interested.

You’re free to repost my stuff as long as you give credit.

In case of the following:

A. You want to make an offer I can’t refuse, email me at

B. You want to feature my work, go to letter A.

C. You want to do a collaboration with me: are you sure that’s a good idea? Yes? Go to A.

D. You want to have a chat with me, aim that cursor at my picture above and then press B

E. You want to go to the archive, here’s the link.

F. You want to buy my book, you can find it here.

G. You want to know what ‘meds’ I’m on, look, man, we can’t do that here. Are you out of your mind?

H. You want to invite me somewhere: go away. I don’t want to wear pants.

Nessie Q.