As I Wait for Wisdom to Pass Me By

‚Äč’We are young, we are young!‘ they said,

the eyeless faces screaming in youth’s stead,

Come one, come all, for you live just once,

come one, come all, and spare not a care.

Not a moment’s waste on things

which you can’t slather on a price, 

not a devil’s roll for people

who can’t throw you the dice.
I sit, my pen laid to rest on my lap,

as I watch them burn everything in sight.

We burn, we burn!’ they loudly proclaim,

their paintings, their easles encasing their pride.

And yet I see no strand of hair on fire.

I see not a single pair of eyes waking from slumber.

This might be the way to live,

but it sure as hell is not the way to be alive.
I wait for the words to see me through,

my own special lens with which I use 

to see the world clearer.

But no words come to me.

I am but a humble poet not a seer –

I smith the words on paper and taint them with ink

but no, I don’t see the future anymore than I can the present,

I only see the past and its careless patterns.
So I wait for wisdom,

I wear the years on my sleeve.

I watch the world turn

while the men with golden tongue

preach about the state affairs,

the women continue to count by the wrinkles,

the men calculate by the stares.

This is what we have become.
I wait for the knowledge, the word, the proclamation, the shout;

It will be the undying of the youth

the fountain of life for the old, the revival of the dead.

Tear my heart open, let it be seared by the salt of my tears.

I don’t want to keep my eyes shut.

I don’t want to sleep.

I’ll shake hands with wisdom the moment he passes by.

I’ll set us all on fire.

To My New President


Image Credit: Shuttershock

Mr. President,

We never doubted, even for a second, that you will be effective. That’s the very reason some of us stood against you.

Now that it’s clear you’ve been hailed as the leader of this country, our life is in your hands. So as someone whose life hinges on how you will take charge, I ask of only one thing: please think of us.

When you are tempted to run your mouth off, to not let cool heads prevail, please think of us. Please think of those who will suffer if you unwittingly severe ties our fathers have worked hard to forge. Please think of those who will be defenseless, who have nowhere to run should those you offend strike back on your people.

When you are tempted to pass judgment on a human life, please think of us. Please do not make us a nation filled with bloodlust. Please don’t teach your people that those who were born unfortunate and have been driven to desperation have only but one fate to face. Please teach us to be actual human beings by being the beacon of compassion, offering first an open hand instead of a fist. Please know that you are the person people look up to and how you act, they will follow. Please don’t let this country burn in hell because of the sins of the few. I don’t want blood in my hands. I don’t thirst for blood. That’s not how I was raised. I wish to raise my children the same way. So please think of us.

When you are tempted to abolish structures that our society has relied on to thrive, please think of us. Please don’t forget that for every action is an equal opposite or direct reaction. Please take the time to study these things so you can find out first if these are things we can really do without.

When you are tempted to pass off a snide remark against a woman as a casual joke, please think of us. Please think of the mothers, the daughters, the sisters you are putting at risk by showing that women can be the butt of tasteless jokes.

When you are tempted to just apply bandage on this country’s wounds, please think of us. We are a nation that has been lied to, manipulated and played for fools by men who dress in suits. Our wounds run deeper than rape, than theft, than corruption. Please nurse the wound. Don’t cover it but expose it and let it breathe air so it can heal.

No matter what you do, whenever you feel an impulse, please think of us. That’s all I ask.